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types of headshots

Corporate, Commercial & Theatrical Headshots

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots are intended for those who work in a corporate environment where the ability to establish trust is essential.  A corporate headshot needs to focus on the side of your personality that deals with clients or customers, allowing them to visualize your trustworthiness if you will.  Corporate headshots consist usually of a combination of both a suit with jacket and tie and a more relaxed version without the tie.  But we don’t just focus on the wardrobe here, your personality and projection play a very important role.

Theatrical Headshots

These type of headshots are best suited for casting gigs in TV shows, films, and plays.  Theatrical headshots show more emotion and focus on the layered expressions of your personality that match the types of characters you like to play.  Your theatrical headshot is selling an identifiable personality that connects with the specific role you are using the headshot for.

Should you smile or not?

I like to think that a theatrical headshot represents you in the character that you enjoy playing the most.  If you are going after comedy roles, then perhaps a smirk or smile should be better suited for your headshot but it is certainly not a requirement since expressions are extremely powerful too.

Commercial Headshots

A commercial headshot is intended to connect with the advertising industry that focuses on promoting products and services to a very specific demographic.  It is very important for you to consider what demographic you fall into and focus your headshots in that particular demographic.  Just like in the advertising industry have a few seconds to connect with the viewer, you also only have a few seconds to connect with the casting person looking at your headshot.

So, which demographics are you better suited for?  Are you a young adult that makes urban clothing look its best, or are you a young adult that can make high heels stand out in a very big way? Are you the stylish hipster phone commercial type or the nerdy, quirky office type? As always, you want to show unique qualities in your headshot. But keep in mind, commercial headshots are really about that broader appeal.