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 Headshot Printing in San Diego

Headshots are not just another simple photograph that you can print out of your home printer and use it for improving your carrier opportunities, let alone to make a good first impression.  I’ve seen headshots in every possible incorrect dimension taped on acting and model casting walls and even on some actor and model portfolios.  If the size is the right one, the colors are off, if the colors are on point, the skin tones are unbalanced and so on.  The reality is that you can’t just use the same photo for every single application – you need very specific headshot dimensions for web and print, some require a high resolution for print while some others require careful monitor and printer calibration so that it’s properly displayed in all devices.

Print Labs

Print labs are mostly autonomous were a machine taking care of 90% of the printing for the operator.  The operator does not understand nor does he or she recognize the intended purpose of that photograph and in some instances, they are unable to differentiate a headshot from any other photograph.  As a result, I have seen my headshots completely ruined because of the inherent disconnect between the print lab and the customer.  You as my client are not supposed to know the intricacies of how to properly print a headshot, you should just be able to send the image and receive a properly printed photograph in return.  But this is hardly the case.

In-House Headshot Printing

When you come to my studio you will get a first-hand look at the headshots that my team and I have created and printed for display purposes.  You will appreciate not only the specific dimensions used for very specific objectives, but also appreciate its colors and quality.  We’ve created a unique formula that combines high-end retouching specifically for prints as well as the ideal combination of monitor and printer calibration that will make your headshot pop from any pool of images.

Get in touch with me to learn more about how you can have your headshots printed in-house.