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San Diego Headshots Photographer

Headshots for Actor, Models, and Business

Hello, I‘m Salvador Veta. I am a headshot photographer in San Diego for Actor, Modeling, and Business Headshots.

My goal is to provide you with a headshot that truly stands out from a pool of images, an online gallery, or a portfolio.  I understand that a headshot can either propel your carrier or it can stop on its tracks.

Because I build my headshot sessions differently for each individual, our collaboration is very different from what you will find elsewhere in San Diego.  If you are coming to my studio from a referral you may have a little bit of insight into how I approach my headshot sessions.  My intention is for your actor headshots to be vibrant – full of color, expressive, to become a different headshot than all of the rest, to show you in the best light possible, to truly reflect your personality, and to be genuine.

Your professional headshot needs to make a good and memorable impression in a way that separates you from the masses.  As a devoted headshot photographer, I am deeply invested in every shot I take during our session at my studio on on-location.  My chief aim is to provide the best headshot session that allows you to collaborate and to express yourself.