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Headshots in San Diego by Salvador Veta

Actor, Business & Modeling Headshots in San Diego

Headshots in San Diego: I’m Salvador Veta a San Diego headshots photographer for actors, models, business or resume headshots.  My goal is to provide you with a headshot that truly stands out from a pool of images, an online gallery, or on a portfolio.  I understand that a headshot can either propel your carrier or it can stop on its tracks which why my sessions are never the same.  Walking away with a “cheap headshot”  will only leave you with wasted opportunities.  A simple headshot will never allow you to propel your carrier.  If you are going to invest in a headshot, it’s wise to invest wisely in an image that creates an impression.  Your image is part of your brand, and if you don’t want your first impression to be a “could-do-better” one.

 Professional Headshots

Your professional headshot needs to make a good and memorable impression in a way that separates you from the masses.  As a devoted headshot photographer, I am deeply invested in every shot I take during our session at my studio on on-location.  My chief aim is to provide the best headshot session that allows you to collaborate and to express yourself.

Actor Headshots

Because I build my acting headshots session differently for each individual, our collaboration is very different from what you will find elsewhere in San Diego.  If you are coming to my studio from another actor referral you may have a little bit of insight regarding how I approach my acting headshot sessions.  My intention is for your actor headshots to vibrant – full of color, expressive, to become a different headshot than all of the rest, to show you in the best light possible, to truly reflect your personality, and to be genuine.  Actor headshots are not supposed to show you performing a role, they need to show your personality.

Corporate Headshots

My corporate business headshots for professionals or realtors can be done at my studio or on location and these can be individual or in groups.  If you are going to have more than two people needing headshots, my suggestion is to have these done at my studio.  My approach to Realtor Headshots consists of focusing on the specifics that will make you really stand out from other professionals in your field.

Commercial Headshots

What is a commercial headshot? Commercial headshots are tailor-made to appeal to the advertising industry.  Your headshot needs to convey the types of roles that are ideal for your specific personality type.  Are you going to model motorcycle gear?  Will you be showcasing perfume?  Your commercial headshot must connect with the viewer with your personality which also connects with the brand.